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Kalvos & Damian Ought-One Festival

August 25-26, 2001

Ought-One Festival is Over!

Composers and composer-performers who have been guests on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar, the Deems Taylor Award-winning new music show produced at and heard weekly on WGDR-FM and at on the Internet, gathered for concerts and presentations in a supportive, enthusiastic, and genial environment that they created.

The Ought-One Festival took place on Saturday and Sunday, August 25-26, 2001, in downtown Montpelier, Vermont, America's smallest state capital. In four downtown spaces, the Festival presented nearly 40 concerts of NonPop.

Composers from around the world arrived for a weekend of public presentations, concerts, interviews, installations, and workshops. Nearly the entire event (12 noon - 11 pm Saturday and Sunday, with additional morning presentations) was recorded for later broadcast on Kalvos & Damian's New Music Bazaar.

120 nonpopstars 30 concerts

The Ought-One Festival took place in the intimate concert halls and performance space in beautiful downtown Montpelier, Vermont. With the sponsorship and cooperation of the Onion River Arts Council, a half-dozen halls within three minutes' walk of each other opened their doors. A "Dream Room" of multichannel spatial sound installations was created with the special help of Richard Zvonar, Peggy Madden, and Larry Austin. Tom Hamilton's Off-Hour Wait State and Dennis Darrah's Looping Music Chill-Out Room both ran the length of the Festival.

Music and sound spanned the same range of expression that Kalvos & Damian's guests do: through-composed chamber music and piano music, electroacoustic/computer assisted sound, electronic compositions, solo and combined composer/performer pieces, interactive performances, percussion works, electronically enhances performances, works for toy piano, chamber opera, vocal compositions and improvisations, participatory works, and compositions various standard and unusual ensembles.

Special assistance from Stevie Balch, John Levin, Eric Boyer, Matthew Fields, Canary Burton, and many other volunteers made the event run as smoothly as possible, but not without the usual technical glitches and personality fires! Volunteers were coordinated by Barbara Buckley, and housing by Susan Bettmann. All created a welcoming atmosphere and solved nearly every problem that came up. Sue Doherty, John Levin, Matthew Fields, Douglas Geers, Bennett Shapiro, David Gunn, James Bohn, and Dennis Darrah handled Festival documentation.

120 nonpopstars 30 concerts

The Ought-One Festival was produced (through chutzpah and hubris) by Kalvos & Damian and its own sponsoring organizations (the Onion River Arts Council, the Vermont Contemporary Music Ensemble, the Consortium of Vermont Composers, and Malted/Media). Coordination of grants, activities, and funding was done in several cities. The key organizer in New York City, and a driving force behind The Ought-One Festival, was composer Phil Kline. The Festival is ultimately made possible by the composers and performers themselves. Among financial sponsors:

Kalvos & Damian has also allocated part of its program fund (including a portion of the Argosy Foundation gift) to The Ought-One Festival, has sponsorship from the Consortium of Vermont Composers program fund, and continues to raise private sponsorship.

As with all Kalvos & Damian events, planning was 'virtual' -- that is, information was (and will continue to be) available on the Web and via email ( The Ought-One Festival requests contributions to reduce the debt from this significant event. Please click the PayPal icon above or click this link to PayPal, or contact Kalvos & Damian.

Next Time: Zipthree NonPop Festival, 2003

Get the new poster!

Ought-One Festival Poster Ought-One Festival Poster, Wide

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Click to see large PDF; right-click to download. This version is for 11x17 (tabloid) color printer, but you can print on any size. (580K)

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Governor Dean's Proclamation

Click to see large JPEG; right-click to download. (520K)

Click to read the text of Governor Howard Dean's proclamation

Festival People

  • Coordinators: Dennis Báthory-Kitsz, David Gunn, Phil Kline
  • Development Directors: D'Anne Hotchkiss, Canary Burton
  • Spatialization Crew: Larry Austin, Douglas Geers, Michael Manion, Elaine Tomazi Freitas
  • Conductor: Anne Decker
  • Web Content and Connectivity: Kalvos
  • Graphics: Kalvos, Don Corson, Michael Weinberger
  • Publicity: Canary Burton, Kalvos
  • Videography: Sue Doherty
  • Audio Recording: Bennett Shapiro, David Gunn, John Levin, Matthew Fields
  • Tech Crew of Composers: Douglas Geers, John Levin, Eric Boyer, Matthew Fields
  • Gourmet Events: Stevie Balch, Pamela Massey
  • Housing Coordinator: Susan Bettmann
  • Additional Services: Onion River Arts Council
Ought-One Festival Logo #1
[Don Corson]

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